April 7, 2008 13:08 Age: 6 yrs

2008-2009 Executive Boards Named for SBA and Law Journals

Congratulations to the newest Executive Board members of the Student Bar Association (SBA), the Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal, the Emory International Law Review, and the Emory Law Journal. These students will serve Emory Law for the 2008-2009 academic year.

Student Bar Association Executive Board:

President - Mark Richardson 09L
Vice President, Academic Affairs - Shehzad Roopani 09L
Vice President, Student Affairs - Bryan Armbruster 10L
Treasurer - Brandon Goldberg 10L
Secretary - Christian Gant 10L

Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal  Executive Board:

Editor-in-Chief - Terri Porter 09L
Executive Managing Editors - Graham Lee 09L, Christine Rutz 09L and Judd Treeman 08L
Executive Articles Editor - Ashley Austin 09L
Executive Notes and Comments Editor - James Terpening 09L
Executive Symposium Editor - Zack Lewis 09L

Emory International Law Review  Executive Board:

Editor-in-Chief - Danielle Goldstone 08L
Executive Managing Editors - Zack Atkins 09L, Christine Harper 09L, Jessica Klein 09L and Thea van der Zalm 09L
Executive Articles Editor - Leslie Powell 09L
Executive Notes and Comments Editor - Sean Libby 09L
Executive Symposium Editor - Brad Glick 09L
Executive Administrative Editor - Steve Weyer 09L
Web Editor/Business Manager - Shaina Stahl 08L

Emory Law Journal  Executive Board:

Editor-in-Chief - Michael Eber 09L
Executive Managing Editors - Terry Carroll 09L and Nicole Stein 09L
Executive Articles Editor - Jared Welsh 09L
Executive Notes and Comments Editor - Jack Figura 09L
Executive Symposium Editor - Priya Bhoplay 09L
Executive Marketing Editor - Monica Hanna 09L

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