TI:GERŪ Program

Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results, or TI:GERŪ, is a collaboration between Emory Law and various Georgia Institute of Technology colleges.

The program unites law, economics, management and science and engineering graduate students in a classroom and research environment to consider the multi-disciplinary process of innovation and taking inventions from the lab to the marketplace. Through a one-of-a-kind approach to preparing students for the challenges of commercializing new technologies and delivering innovative products to the marketplace, TI:GERŪ provides a select group of Emory Law students with an unparalleled education in patent and technology law. An important feature of the program is that economic, regulatory and legal mechanisms are considered before the science and technology research is completed, enabling students to take the potential commercial and social impact into account in determining the direction of the research.

TI:GERŪ combines classroom instruction, team-based activities, internships and networking opportunities into a total educational experience. Central to the program are teams of PhD candidates, business (MBA) and law (JD) students working together to solve real technology commercialization and intellectual property protection issues. Teams are formed around the research interest of the science and technology PhD candidates. This research provides the technology basis for intellectual property, market identification and sizing, product design, valuation and business planning activities. Students learn how to advance early-stage research into legally protected business opportunities. They also develop an appreciation of how potential market application and intellectual property protection issues can influence research direction and priorities. Additionally, PhD students in management and economics with an interest in innovation research provide team support and leverage the TI:GERŪ experience into business and economics oriented research in innovation-related topics.

Emory Law students are selected for the program by Professors Anne Rector, Bill Carney and George Shepherd through a competitive application process. The TI:GERŪ program offers Emory Law students a choice of two tracks: a patent law track and a technology/business law track that supplements the students traditional JD education. Both tracks offer a rigorous course of instruction and practical experiences that will prepare students to rapidly excel in their legal careers. The participation and active support of law firms and practitioners augments the preparation and provides links to careers. Rising second-year law students interested in patent or technology law are encouraged to apply to the TI:GERŪ program.